Public Safety Officer

Category: Staff
Contact: HR Recruiter/Rita Gruhn (563-243-9000)
Location: Clinton, Iowa

Position Summary: The Public Safety Officer is responsible for protecting, monitoring and providing

close escorts for company assets. This department provides security for all daily activities at Wild

Rose. He/she takes a personal responsibility for the safety, health and well being of our guests and


Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

-Check the identification of guests to verify age for admission and/or Alcohol or Tobacco

purchase. Anytime identification is requested, it must be swiped.

-Monitor the conduct of guests on the casino floor; evaluating behavior which might indicate

that guests are potentially intoxicated while gambling

-Make an “approach” to guests who have been evaluated for being potentially intoxicated while


-Manage the behavior of unruly and/or potentially intoxicated guests

-Verify all employees have IRGC licenses in plain view.

-Issue temporary credentials to all vendors and visitors.

-Assist with nightly Table Drop.

-Assist Drop Team with Slot Machine drop, open Belly Glass, and move carts.

-Monitor and secure all back of the house entries and exits through the employee entrance.

-Performs facility patrols

-Administer First Aid and CPR until qualified medical assistance arrives on the scene

-Inform the supervisor of any violations of rules, regulations and procedures

-Perform Money and Person Escorts

-Perform Slot Machine Fills, Table Fills and Table Credits

-Witness payments of jackpots won on Slot Machines and Table Games

-Perform guest assistance by answering various questions

-Crowd Control in emergency and non-emergency situations

-Communicate with employees and guests in a professional and courteous manne?

-Must be safety conscious, and adhere to all company rules and state regulations at all times

-Handle “Lost and Found” items

-Adhere to the company grooming guidelines

-Use outstanding guest service skills

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