Valet Attendant

Category: Staff
Contact: Rita Gruhn/HR Recruiter (563-243-9000)
Location: Clinton, Iowa

Position Summary: As a member of the Valet team you will greet the guests, load/unload luggage and park vehicles.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

 - Pick up and return guests to off-site locations.

 - Smile, listen and talk to the guests as they arrive with their vehicles. Guest service is an aspect of the experience at Wild    Rose.

 - As you approach the vehicle look at all four sides of the vehicle and take note of any damage the vehicle arrived with on it.

 - After checking the vehicle for damage, attach the keys to the numbered key tag and give the guest the ticket half (claim check) they need for their car retrieval. The numbered key tag attached to the keys will be the same number as the one on the claim check that you gave the guest.

 - As you enter the guest’s vehicle, be careful. Do not move the seat unless it is unsafe to drive in that position. Do not touch the radio or personal belongings. The temperature of the vehicle should not be changed unless the weather requires it.

 - Park the vehicle in the Valet lot and write the parking spot number on the key tag. Hang keys in matching number spot in the key box.

 - Open doors for guests and greet them with a proper greeting. Upon arrival a welcoming greeting and "Good luck", and when leaving an appropriate departure greeting and "We hope to see you again real soon".

 - Help them unload and load their luggage.

 - Help guests take luggage to their hotel rooms upon request. When delivering or picking up luggage always leave the hotel room door open.

 - While on duty it is also your responsibility to help keep the front entrance clean, and free of snow and ice.

 - Guests are free to tip valets any amount. When you are tipped a smile and a thank you are the appropriate response. You are responsible for pooling your tips with other Valet employees each day.

 - Rotate pick-ups with the valet team.

 - During winter weather scrape the windshields before driving the car and turn the heat on to warm up the vehicle. If possible a minute or two of warm up to the vehicle would be best.

 - Use guest service skills

 - Meet company attendance requirements.


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